Unique about me

Well, I have to admit that I had to ask a friend about this, because I couldn’t think of anything unique about myself or my life.

But according to my friends, I am a leaper. Some people have to be secure. They have to have enough dollars and a house and other things that ground them physically and emotionally.

Me, all I have to have is a chance. I leaped at the chance to go to Saskatchewan, Canada after college to do mission work on the Indian reservations, and then I leaped at the chance to go to India for a year and a half. I worked in international banking for 12 years, and then I leaped at the chance to start my own business at the beginning of the new desktop computer craze (Yes, I am very old.) Then I leaped at the chance to get back into mission work.

When someone offered to help support me if I came to Costa Rica to learn more Spanish and help the church here, I leaped at the chance.

So, that has made my life unique.

I’m a leaper.  Just give me a chance!