Unsung Servants

We usually hear the phrase, “unsung heroes” to refer to folks who do some great task but receive little recognition for their work. There are also, “unsung servants” in our life. They are people who do things that make a difference, but who are seldom or never praised for their work. These special servants themselves, do not see their work as spectacular because “anybody can do it.” Yes, but somebody did do it. Somebody gave themselves to be used without any fanfare or acclamation.

Somebody held the football for the extra point kick or the field goal, but no one pays much attention to them. Someone hands the surgeon his instruments of operation, but the patient and family never know their name. Consider this list of some of the unsung servants found in scripture. Let’s be encouraged to be one ourselves.

  • Hur (Exod. 17:12) Do you remember his part in the battle against Amalek?
  • Jonathan’s armor bearer (1 Sam. 14:4-14) Did you see how much Jonathan depended on him?
  • Peter’s mother in law (Luke 4:38-39). Did you notice what she did after being healed.?
  • Azubah (1 Kgs. 22:42) She was the influential wife of a good king and mother of a faithful king.
  • Chloe(1 Cor. 1:11) Paul accepted testimony from her household as being true.
  • Damaris (Acts 17:32-34) The Holy Spirit saw fit to mention her name from among a select group?

The lesson for us: Serve. Don’t expect recognition. God knows and God will reward.

Make me a servant Lord, make me like you.

Mike Glenn

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