Unto Thee I Pray

LIttle is known of John Harrison Tenney, except he was born in 1840 and named after President William H. Harrison. He was a deacon in the Congregational Church in Limebrick, Massachusetts and wrote 30 books and at least 15 hymns.

But, his hymns are still popular with many people even today. Two favorites of mine are, “Come to Jesus,” and, “Ever Will I Pray.”

Every day has its appointments dedicated to some special purpose. Some are mundane, but some are extra special. One appointment every faithful Christian should have each morning is with the Lord in prayer.

The first verse of Tenney’s hymn, “Ever Will I Pray,” is, “Father, in the morning unto thee, I pray. Let thy lovingkindness keep me through this day. I will pray, I will pray; ever will I pray. Morning, noon and evening unto thee, I pray.”

How many times do we start the day with prayer? The Lord God should be the first person we address when we arise, thankful that he provided a night of rest and peace for sound sleep. Our prayer should include invoking God’s blessing for the tasks ahead of us, and for the challenges we may face.

Tom Moore wrote, “Meeting with God is not an appointment on a clock, but an appointment in your heart.”

Don’t forget to keep your most important appointment of the day: prayer.


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