Upcoming travel

I wrote about this once before, and the date is quickly approaching. April 1st is the day I selected to fulfill my word (“Marathon for Fools,” I’m calling it, though I don’t think anyone else will be running except me, but there will be brethren present having a good time at my expense!). I will be traveling 26.2 miles on foot around a country “block” (it will mean about 7 laps for me to cover by either running, jogging, walking, crawling, or any combination thereof).

How did this all transpire? A Christian couple here were training for a marathon and the wife was telling a group of us that she didn’t know if she would finish under the 7 hour time limit. I told her that would be slightly less than 4 miles an hour and that a quick walk for 7 hours would get it done–even without running. She observed that it was easy for me to say so, since I wasn’t running. I told her I was confident I could cover the same distance in under 7 hours without training. She scoffed. Thus, I gave her my word that I would do so this year if she was successful (extra motivation for her, indeed!). She finished at 6 hr 18 min, so now I will try my best to keep my word, all the while reflecting upon Psalm 15:4. My only “training” has been reading a few articles on long-distance running. I’ve never ran more than 3 miles at one time.

When I get up enough strength to get back on the computer afterward (assuming I survive), I’ll let you know how it went. I’m hopeful I can beat her 6 hr 18 min finish. The pace won’t be a problem, just the endurance aspect. Will my body and will power hold up that long? I think I’m strong enough, but only time will tell!