Update on Eureka Church of Christ Activity

Sidewalk Celebration is over. We planned 3 Wednesday nights in June at the trailer park and the Big Finale at the building this last Wednesday night. We had one evening canceled at the park due to storms, but the others went very well. This year we averaged in the low twenties. We’ve had bigger numbers in the past, but the kids were very well behaved and listened intently. The last night at the church building brought out maybe 8 parents/grandparents from the trailer park and the program was enjoyed by all.

Sue Haas keeps contact information on all the kids and has informed us that from 2003 til now we have made contact with over 170 different kids. Wow! True, it’s a trailer park with a lot of turnover, but that number surprised and thrilled us!

And if you haven’t noticed, I finally had some time to write! 🙂