Update on Homosexual Marriage

It is recently been reported here that homosexual marriage continues to lose support. Now, the Politico has an interesting article entitled, “Gay marriage’s ‘inevitability’ in doubt.”

They write,

Same-sex marriage, critics note, has never won a popular vote. And the Republican pollster Kellyann Conway suggested that wide support among young voters – the bedrock of claims of inevitability – could conceal a lack of “intensity” among supporters of same-sex marriage.

“The question is how important will that issue be to them, and how engaged will they be to make sure the laws of their states and the nation change,” she said.

Others argue that those young voters may change their views as they start families. “There may be something about getting older,” said Bill Pascoe, a Republican political consultant.

Yes, there is something about getting older. You lose some of your natural rebellion and start a family and maturity leads you to see the world in a new light. Many people wake up and realize that they need some structure in their lives and many turn to religion and their worldview changes.

Truth is, there is no “gay gene” and, try as they might, experts cannot prove that homosexuality is genetic. Accordingly, interest wanes in cultural upheaval by allowing homosexual marriage. As science progresses and the claims of homosexual activists are increasingly proven untrue, we will see what happens.

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