Update relief

Just updated, to my great relief, an old TiddlyWiki I’ve used since forever for personal notes. Process was complicated by new browser security measures. After an hour, duh, I found the two-minute process, and it was done.

The update is suppposed to avoid this problem in the future. One-time hump.

TW, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways I’ve used it:

  • My online calling card
  • An introductory Christian study site
  • An online poetry site open for contributions (defunct)
  • English-language sites for our congregations here and the children’s home
  • Personal information manager
  • Engineering website for a firm here, currently on hold
  • Etc.

Quite a handy tool. I’m a fan of open source products: LibreOffice, TiddlyWiki (and other wikis), ~Friendica, among them.

#open-source, #pim, #tiddlywiki