Upon My Face, Upon My Cross

Before you, Lord, I bow my head,
I know that you in heaven reign;
Upon my face I fall in dread,
My many sins become my pain.

How blessed are we, with blood to save,
With hope to guide, and love embrace,
All things possess, your Spirit gave
A promise soon to see your face.

My doubts and fears seek to remove
The power of faith and simple trust;
But they, with worldly worries, drove
To obey your will, do what I must.

I ran to find within your fold
That peace and quiet for a troubled mind,
Which you bequeathed to men of old
And give them still, to seek and find.

Behind you, Lord, I walk in awe —
Your burning words with joy I heard,
Your works of power and grace I saw,
By faithful love my heart was stirred.

Be mine, as I too crucify
The body of self and foul desire;
With you upon my cross I die,
To live forever, free of ire.

J. Randal Matheny

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