USAToday editorial: “How to sell Christianity”

There was an interesting editorial in Monday’s USAToday: “How to sell Christianity”. It presented the thinking of the unchurched when Christians attempt to evangelize them. The biggest turn-offs were the “I’m right/you’re wrong” and the “I’m saved/you’re lost” models. In our present culture these models are perceived as arrogant and simply reinforce a negativity towards Christian faith. The unchurched do not want to be classed as “projects”.  They also resent being treated as so gullible as to fail to see through what they describe as “bait and switch” tactics used in so many churches. They resent being demonized or pitied. If this is the case and apparently it is, it should say something about how we go about trying to spread the faith. After all, Jesus said we should listen to the world and learn to be shrewd (Luke 16:1-9) and “wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” So from the viewpoint of the unchurched, what is most effective in spreading the faith? The un-churched  replied that there is no more effective evangelism than attraction by example. Social interaction provides opportunities for the unchurched to see Christian living in action. Nothing speaks louder! In our present society nothing is more effective!