Vacation Time

We go every December to visit family but that is almost constant activity and over 1,000 miles of driving. It is a great joy to see our families and we cherish the moments, but you don’t get to rest the way your body needs.

Deirdre and I wait until the girls are at camp and go stay in a cabin in Georgia and rest and fish all week. It is extraordinary and we whine about having to go back home, it is so wonderful. By the way, the cabin has wifi — I don’t know why I can’t be online during vacation. 🙂

Someday, when we have an empty nest, we want to do some traveling. I want to go back and do a more thorough job of visiting St.  Augustine and we dream of a Civil War battlefield trip up the eastern seaboard. And then there is the Grand Canyon and New England….

Maybe, maybe.

Of course, if we had several large stacks of cash, we would like to go to Ireland and Italy. Deirdre also wants me to take her to New Zealand, since she has heard me talk about it so much.

BTW, why do spell checkers always tell you that Zealand is misspelled? Haven’t they established themselves as a country, yet???

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