We used to take a family vacation every year with my in-laws, but as the kids grew and got involved in every extra-curricular activity under the sun, that came to a screeching halt.

I found it hard then to extract myself from work. It would take about 4 days to wind down entirely, just in time to go back to work and get a jolt. Really, to be effective, I needed a full 2 continuous weeks off. That just couldn’t happen. Employers here don’t give enough paid time off for that, when you consider how much of your PTO goes to caring for your sick children who cannot go to school. It’s just the way things were.

I think now I wouldn’t have nearly the problem winding down from work. Life gets after you and brings on the desire to escape over time. The most desirable vacation spot would be somewhere where there are no phones, no computers, no TVs. Just me, my sons, our Bibles, and my camera. That’s it. Pretty simple.  I’m thinking African safari.