VBS is upon us; it starts this Tuesday (though it was originally to start on Monday, but due to the SYS [summer youth series], we felt the need to start the following day) and runs through Saturday. It is very encouraging to take note of those that I saw on Wednesday getting things ready—it was very encouraging! They were working hard and with a purpose. Jim Karraker, in his class on Wednesday night, spoke about a mission statement for the church; well, with regard to VBS, those working and setting up—they had a mission.

Today’s morning sermon [bulletin article for 6.23.2013] will be with regard to the theme of VBS. Important lessons that each us can learn and apply in our lives. Life can be, it is thought by many, nothing more than a circus. There is an odd one over there, a peculiar one on the opposite side, two that are the most beautiful among the whole bunch, two that seem to be the ugliest of all those in the circus, a petite woman, a huge woman, a large man, a strong man, and animals that are tamed.

While a circus has all that (and much more), in life we are not living in a circus that has the quality of tameness associated with it, no not at all. We live in a world where those who have faith and trust in the living God are, many times, mocked by those who consider themselves wise. Living in this environment can encourage a person to become lost; when that one is lost, there is floundering and a directionless life. With a religious nation like Israel it is a sad thing beyond measurement that God’s law was lost and then was found. This is what happens, though, when we refuse to be content with the Lord’s way and desire, rather, to be like those around us. It was a great struggle for God’s people in the long ago, and it is still a great struggle for God’s people today. When the Lord established His church, He made an environment where those who love Him can flourish and be encouraged when life all around seems to be thrashing like the waves against the sea wall. Given enough time, the sea wall will be weakened. This is why fellowship is so important with the saints. Jesus knew this. When He set up His church, He “called out” to all, and those who obeyed His will, those who once were of this world, these have been transferred into His marvelous kingdom of light. We know how much of a struggle it is as Christians to walk the light of Jesus life in a dark world, but just reflect on those who don’t have the light of life to brighten their path—think how hard it is (and will be) for them. RT


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