Various Thoughts

I hope all of you as readers have a blessed day. We appreciate so very much your reading our humble thoughts. God Bless you.

I am enjoying listening to the New Testament while I am working at my desk. I am up to 1 Corinthians. The collection has 14 CD’s.  The Gospel and Acts/Romans constitute nine CD’s. When you get to Corinthians, it goes pretty quickly. This will be my third time to listen to them this year. I recommend it to everyone.

We are preparing for our Gospel Meeting with Alan Wright on April 4-8. He will do a great job. I get to travel to Savannah to speak for him that Sunday. That will be a joy.

I’ve not been posting lately because of my hectic life.  Maybe I can be more active. I appreciate the Fellows! Tell everyone about the site.

The Proverbs are an endless well of wisdom and knowledge. It would take a lifetime to barely plumb its depths. I call myself a student of human nature, so the Proverbs are indispensable in this quest. I need to get the Old Testament on CD, so I can listen to them. The wisdom literature would be very popular.

From my Facebook posting this morning:  “I love my family. Their hearts matter more than their weaknesses. I want you to think well of them, so I share only their joy here. Insulting them insults myself. The Golden Rule applies to my family, as well.”

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