View of God

Rising Joy by Vicki Matheny

God springs into action! His enemies scatter; his adversaries run from him. Psalm 68.1

How do you view God? In Psalm 68, David wrote his view of God. David was a military man before he became the King of Israel. David had seen time and time again when God led his people to victory over their enemies. The wicked are destroyed before Him as wax melts before fire.

However, the godly are happy! They rejoice before Him and exalt His name. God takes care of His people! He takes care of the orphans and widows. He sustains His people when they are tired. He sends the rain and sunshine.

Jesus also taught in Matthew 6.33 that God provides for his people when they are seeking His kingdom. He gave His Son as a sacrifice so that those who believe in him can have eternal life, John 3.16. He shall judge all men with righteous judgement, Hebreus 12.23. It is important to take our view of God from the Bible for that is where He has been revealed.

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