All things virtual

tfr-things-virtualHere’s a little item that has been well received, my original (aren’t they all?) quatrain, “When It Rains.”

My sis now does the bulletin for the congregation where she is a part. She asked me for links to my online material, to publish. Imagine that! I gave her this link (pretty complete) and this one, and this one. You might find something in those to fit your church bulletin.

TFR doesn’t have a Facebook page or group, but our sponsor does, Forthright Press. Do give it a Like.

Our area congregations, so closely related in the faith, have a single site and Facebook page. In our meeting this afternoon in Taubaté, a couple of guys thought it a good idea to have a Facebook page just for that congregation. I told them to have at and have fun.

With the two brothers here from tomorrow through Saturday, and Brazilian brothers coming all throughout the week to talk, the week will be busy and I’ll not be around the Internet as much. Carry on without me! You’ll probably do even better without me distracting you.

Have a blessed week!

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