Visit to NGO

This afternoon I paid a visit to an non-governmental organization that works with women who are victims of violence. Though their approach differs from the Christian standpoint, I had to admire their dedication to helping people whom society prefers to forget.

These abused women make up part of those little ones to whom we offer a cup of water. They have no recourse to solutions, are afraid to denounce their own mates or partners, live in fear of heightened violence in seeking help. The government prefers to pretend they don’t exist. The macho society ignores the problem.

And the directors and volunteers of the NGO are underfunded and understaffed. And they appeared to be just plain tired. (Reminds me of some congregations and Christian workers I know.)

I pray that our brotherhood is involved with such needs. Not because we want to make a better society. But because we want to rescue people from sinful situations and send them on their way to a full and eternal life.

#ministry, #ngos