Visitors come to look, we cook out for them

Saturday, we’ll receive two brothers from the Madison AL church as they come to see what we’re up to and how we live, as well as explore future ministry possibilities. Pray for their safe trip and for a good visit, which we’re looking forward to. One of them we knew somewhat in college, but not well, so we’re looking forward to getting to know him better, and meet the other brother.

• They’ll go on from here to Peru, where the congregation is involved. They fly back to the US on Sept. 11, the ten-year anniversary of 9/11.

• Some conservative Lutherans are disavowing denominationalism. They tout their creeds as the only right ones. Their Missouri synod, along with a few other, er, religious groups, “holds the pure confession.” No discussion of such an obviously sectarian name. Those who hold to the restoration of the New Testament church will find it a strange discussion.

• Some congregations have a “What to expect” page on their websites, and I like that. Some time ago, I put something similar up on ours, for English-speaking visitors, called “Tips.” One tip reads thus, “The sermon does not include a hymn of invitation. We prefer to teach individually so that people may come to a personal decision not swayed by the emotion of the moment.”

• In our city, two thousands trees are to be cut down after being evaluated as a threat in some way (Portuguese-language news link). A report says the yearly average is one thousand. But it states that another 48 thousand are condemned because of disease or inadequate placement. Here’s a sad truth: The city takes better care of its trees than its population. Sign of the eco-nut times.

• In our region of the state, the two major bus companies, owned by the same folk, have 427 buses on 120 routes, that serve 50 cities (another Portuguese-language link). They provide a good service for the price, on time, fairly recent buses, usually clean. The US needs such service, and one columnist says some independent lines are beginning to pop up there (remember: (I’m outside the US, so it’s there for me). Take a look at those, they seem to be a decent option.

• For our guests Saturday, no buses, only personal chauffering. We will have for them a churrasco, Brazilian-style BBQ along with a number of saints from both congregations here. I’m not having to lift a finger, except to pop some meat in my mouth. Next week, I’ll double up on the veggies. Y’all come!

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