Vote for Bible Talk TV Program on WCTV

I have not been able to post to TFR as much as I would like primarily because I have been busy in preparation for the weekly TV program I deliver here in Wadsworth, Ohio called Bible Talk.  The local station, WCTV, hosts an annual awards program, the Clapper Awards, and Bible Talk is on the ballot!  Voting is open to anyone on the Internet.  You do NOT have to be a resident of Wadsworth or Ohio

Here is the pertinent information:

Bible Talk is in the sixth category, BEST RELIGIOUS.  Other programs are competing including ones by the Lutherans, Catholics and others.  So, I am asking you to vote for Bible Talk.  I am asking you to pass this information onto others who would be in a position to vote online too, whether that is friends, family or other congregations.  I would request one thing, although it is not required to vote for the program.  I request you actually, at least one time, watch the program before voting for it.  Once you watched it, please vote for it as often as you like.  (Yes, you are able to vote more than once.)

Here is the link to the Bible Talk program on the ballot,
Here is the link to vote for the Bible Talk program,
The final decision is determined by two factors–popular vote and an independent panel of judges.  I am not as interested in the award for myself as the free press that the church will get in the community if we do win the 2012 Clapper Award.
Voting has begun and will end on October 28th at midnight.  Pass the word around