Okay.  First of all, as Christians, we ought to be always eager to leave the world a better place than we found it.  As Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”  In the last election, only 40% of all who claim to be Christians were registered to vote.  Of that number less than 40% actually voted.  Of course, we have people who think abortion and homosexuality is the right way because we elected them.  If every person who professes to be a Christian voted, we could take back our country.

I would never try to tell you for whom you should vote.  It is none of my business who you check off on the ballot.  However, before our country sinks even further, I strongly urge you to register to vote. Obviously, there are no perfect candidates.  It is not really very difficult to check on candidates to see what they stand for.  There are many sites that will post what candidates have done in the past, which is a pretty good indicator of what they will support in the future.  Pick the candidate which most closely reflects the choices you hold dear, whatever they might be.

Thomas Jefferson once said, “The problem with a democracy is that the people get the government they deserve.”  All Christians need to vote so that Christian values are represented.

I pose this thought:  I absolutely do not believe, as I have heard some say, that God has visited the recent destructive happenings on America.  I do, however, firmly believe that God is in the process of withdrawing His protection from us, just as He withdrew His protection from the Israelites, and allowed them to be taken into slavery.  The remnant was persecuted the same as the evil.

Make no mistake; when we continue to allow the killing of millions of unborn children, when we continue to  praise and value homosexuality and unmarried couples living together, when we continue to value all kinds of sin…then God will surely turn His back on the USA and allow us to be conquered.  You can start to regain our country by the simple act of registering to vote and then voting!

What say ye?