Voted Out!

Is this the way to handle “disfellowship” (excommunication)? For the Baptist Church to vote out some from the church because of sin is their way, but is that the Bible way?

If Matthew 18:15-18 stands for a method to be utilized, then that which the Woods Chapel General Baptist Church did was in accordance with man, and not God. Unfortunately, there is little in the news report that speaks to the extent of their interaction with the man who came out and declared his “gayness.”

Using Matthew 18 as an example to be utilized in dealing with one who is in sin, one can’t help but to note the effort extended not by the few, but the many to help the one in a sinful state to remove himself from the grip of Satan. If, after much effort, the Christian brother does not remedy his ways, then he is withdrawn from.

Yes, I know, an objection will be offered that says this addresses only sin between two people. This is true.

I am sure, therefore, if a brother in the congregation where you reside is plagued with sin and struggles, even refuses to cease the activity. No doubt, you will “mark” that one with a “branding iron” in order to make sure he is exposed and humiliated, rather than doing something or anything at the lowest level to help him. That is right, isn’t it?

“Of course not!” you reply.

That is exactly how some want to implement church discipline.

Did the Baptist Church do this when they voted this man out of their fellowship?