Voting in the Country

I had the great honor to vote today. As a citizen, I find my greatest joy when I have the right and privilege to participate in selecting the leaders of our government. I think of the billions of people who dream of the same privilege.

The image of the Iraqis, when they had their first free election, lifting their ink stained fingers in the air, brought tears to my eyes. For many, that was probably the most powerful moment of their entire lives. They were jabbing their fingers in defiance at the forces that denied them and in victory for those who had liberated them.

So, why would we, who have the freedom to vote, refuse to accept the offer? Why would we take for granted what so many have died to accomplish?

Voting allows me as a Christian to have some impact on the culture in which I live. I can play a minute part in the moral climate of our nation. I take that very seriously. I cannot be the type Christian who votes for those who stand for immoral policies and then complain when the candidates helps them become public policy. For example, how can I vote for a pro-choice candidate and then complain about the number of aborted babies?

I live in the country and that brings a unique flavor to voting. The polling place, like the one above, is in a cramped, rundown area. The poll workers are familiar faces and they ask about your family and share a joke and a smile. The lines are non-existent and in a few moments, the task is complete.

Thankfully, we do not have to vote for our heavenly leaders. Christ is our Savior once, for all time (1 Corinthians 15:3-4). He never changes and exudes perfection every day (Hebrews 13:8). Therefore, there will never be a need to vote Him out of office!

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