Waiting for Sisera

Sisera’s mother waits by the window.

She cries out, “Why is his chariot so slow to return,” (Judges 5:28 NET). The answer is in verse 26: Jael “hammered” Sisera.

Israel had been sorely mistreated by Jabin, the king of Hazor, during the days of Israel’s judges. Hazor was famous for its army of 900 chariots of iron. Yet General Sisera was no match for an Israelite force with God on its side.

Sisera was enticed into Jael’s tent where he thought there was seclusion, refreshment and rest. There was, however, only Heber’s wife, a goatskin of milk, a hammer and a tent peg. After giving Sisera the milk, Jael crept up on him and pounded the tent peg through his temple.

So, Sisera’s mother sits by the window wondering if her son is overseeing the division of plunder, but he’s not coming home. The seemingly undefeatable has been defeated. The man in charge of a 900-chariot army has been beaten by the invisible, all-powerful God.

How many atheists, evolutionists, agnostics and philosophical geniuses wait for their doctrines to come true? Like Sisera’s mother, they may wait a long time.

But just like Sisera’s mother, they all wait in vain.