Wake Up to Life

We do things by rote memory, floating through mundane tasks. Things like driving, writing, walking or wrestling with a child or grandchild are things we do without any thought.

Our bodies do them without conscious effort. They are as natural as eating or sleeping.

Yet, when these same tasks require effort, the scales come off our eyes and life becomes more precious & tenuous.

The world gains a new perspective and we begin to examine every aspect of our lives.

In a way, we go back to our childhood and when we learned how to do the ordinary things of life. Humbling and humiliating, it reorders our existence.

When we awaken, we look around and everything has a new vividness. Our fresh perspective brings priorities into focus and we yearn to pull our loved ones closer. Shuffling the pieces of our lives, important things gain new meaning while others are discarded.

The problem is that people usually never reach this point without pain and heartache. Sadly, most will never get there at all.

We shouldn’t have to be debilitated before we wake up. Open God’s Word and allow Him to help you see what is truly important in life. Study Proverbs to learn more about the intricacies of how to weigh the value of things in our lives.

Walk in the Gospels and allow Jesus to lead you to righteousness and peace through His Word. Allow the blood of Christ to wash away your sins in baptism (Acts 2:38; 1 John 1:7) and then live on the wings of eagles (Isaiah 40:31).

Wake up now! Don’t wait to be knocked down before you walk in the grace of God!



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