Rising Joy by Vicki Matheny

My brothers and sisters, if anyone among you wanders from the truth and someone turns him back, he should know that the one who turns a sinner back from his wandering path will save that person’s soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins. James 5.19-20

According to James, it is possible for a Christian to wander from the truth and lose their salvation sending their soul to death. Paul agreed that someone could be discovered in some sin and need to be restored with a spirit of gentleness, Galatians 6.1.

It is not always easy to correct others. However, it may be necessary. The attitude with which you approach someone who is in error may make the difference between the person repenting or being lost forever. It must be done with firm love, showing the error with the scriptures, 2 Timothy 3.16.

While it is not easy to correct someone, many times it is even harder to be the one being corrected. How do you react when someone comes to correct your behavior? Do you get angry? Do you react in a negative way and allow your pride to make you arrogant? Do you make excuses for your behavior? It is important that you remember that your brother or sister in Christ loves you and does not want you to lose your soul.

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