Washing Feet

For Jesus to perform such a menial service for His inferiors was a powerful lesson to them and it should still be such for us today. No disciple can ever rightly claim to be above the performance of even the most lowly of services. If Jesus, in His infinite greatness was willing to act humbly as a servant, there is not a single follower of His today who should consider themselves as being beyond such.

Random modern-day examples that come to mind:
Cleaning the home of an elderly person, bathing one who can no longer do such for himself, trimming an elderly person’s toenails, cooking & serving a meal for a needy person, visiting a nursing home (especially with your children) to show love for the residents, stopping to offer help to one on the side of the road (even if they do have a cell phone), etc.

I’m sure there are other (& perhaps better) thoughts others will have. I look forward to reading them!

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