Watching Young Preachers Grow

We have a young preacher, Rico Robinson, who is preaching our Gospel Meeting this week. He is 24 and beginning a new work. He has grown and matured the past few years and I am proud of him. We have had other young preachers that we support and they are special people.

At our congregation, we train preachers, in a way. The last Sunday night of each month, one of our men preaches. On most Wednesday nights, one of our men does the invitation and on most fourth Sundays, they do the sermon at the Nursing Home. They teach an adult class at VBS and fill-in when the adult class teacher is gone.

When I am out of town, we never have to go elsewhere looking for fill-in’s. We have several men who are perfectly capable of doing so. These men are really talented.

Congregations need to be training men to preach and serve. Give them opportunities to grow. Preachers don’t need to be so insecure that we feel threatened by them. This is about the Lord’s church, not us.

Talk to and support young preachers. Pass lessons along to them. Now that I have preached full-time for 17 years, I have wisdom that I can share with those who stand where I once stood.

I’ve been fired and told to quit preaching. Yet, I persevered through these challenges and serious health problems. I can share that with young preachers and help them and their families.

Will you do the same?

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