WBS student answers question, “How close are you to God?”

world-bible-schoolOn FB, an old college friend, Lowell White, posted this, which he graciously allowed me to reproduce here:

One of my WBS students who lives in Namibia answered the question, “How close are you to God?” this way:

“I think I have a relationship with God. For nearly 2 and a half years, I have been praying everyday at 4 o’clock in the monring for an 1 Hour and 30 minutes to feed my realtionship with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. This include praise and worship. I love the time that I spend in the presence of God because I can see the tangible blessings in my life and the change that has taken place within me. Its a blessing and I cant live without it. The reason why I commit myself to the WBS is to grow this relationship with God not only through prayer, praise and worship but to know His word and to live His word and I believe that the WBS will help me achieve that.”

Randal again: And how is your spiritual life with God doing these days?

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