We Are Back…

Had a good trip to Memphis, although tiring.  It is always hard to pick a favorite sermon from the week, but a couple stick out in my mind.  There were so many other good ones, but these 2 alone pretty much made the trip worthwhile for me.

1.)  Dan Winkler – “We Need Heart Surgery!” (Mon. night)
Chad’s comments:  It’s a biology lesson, it’s a sermon.  In a word…”Wow!”

http://oabs.org/ondemand/msop2011/FHMSOP110328Winkler.asx  (video)
ftp://ftp.oabs.org/LECTURESHIPS/msop2011/FHMSOP110328Winkler.wma (audio)

2.)  Wesley Simons – “Their Hearts Are Far From Me”
Chad’s comments:  Wesley is director of the Tri-Cities School of Preaching, & he is both a friend & hero to me.  Their local radio program has converted over 100 people (just that they know of) & FIVE denominational preachers.  Simply put, this man knows how to preach plainly & yet with such sincerity that people end up obeying the truth.  That is a rarity, & this sermon is a classic Wesley Simons jewel.

http://oabs.org/ondemand/msop2011/FHMSOP110329Simons.asx (video)
ftp://ftp.oabs.org/LECTURESHIPS/msop2011/FHMSOP110329Simons.wma (audio)

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