We had a great day Vicki and I…

We had a great day, Vicki and I, at Tenn. Bible College’s lectureship, in Cookville TN, yesterday. Met our own Fellow Eugene A., from Keltonburg, and the brother Josh from Smithville who came with him. That was a great pleasure. But I forgot to get a pic of us together.

And it was a pleasure to hear Weylan D. speak, and see his son Orrin again, who’s a student at TBC. Weylan always has thoughtful things to say, with practical applcations. He spoke on the topic, “Early Will I Seek Thee.” I believe I heard that audio will be posted on the TBC website at http://www.tn-biblecollege.edu/lectureship.html . We were blessed to hear two other fine lessons before lunch and our trip back to kids and grandkids.

Funny note: I lost a button on my coat while there. Couldn’t find it before I left. But Orrin tells me they found it. I didn’t notice it was gone until it lost itself. The last time I wore that sports coat was in the USA months or years ago. No occasion and no weather for it in Brazil. That’s right, the congregations there don’t use coats and ties. Preachers, eat your hearts out. 😉

Tomorrow, it looks like The Maiden and I will catch a day or two of the lectures at Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies. See you there?