“We haven’t even lived together yet.”

I missed something, somewhere along the way. This afternoon I went with Douglas to visit a young mother of two who has recently been attending the services of the church. She was telling us her boyfriend is in Iraq and will be back in two months. She will be moving to a city near where he will be stationed. I asked, “Are ‘yall going to get married?” She said, “I don’t know. We haven’t even lived together yet.” Unashamedly she added, “We spend a night over at each other’s house from time to time. He has his house and I have mine.”

In reading the New Testament, one word that has jumped out at me has been fornication. I have made a note in my Bible’s margin each time I have read the word. I know a sin is a sin, but somehow I’ve always thought murder was a worse sin than some others. What shocked me was to find that fornication is listed right beside murder in some scriptures in the Bible, along with the warning that those who do those things will not inherit the kingdom of God. From Matthew to Revelation fornication is repeatedly mentioned. As Christians, we need to be on alert and shun the very appearance of evil.

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