We need more people like my daddy in the church

I didn’t think too much about it when I was first married, and mother told me what my Daddy was doing. Lately I have thought quite a bit about Daddy. Let me share what I am talking about.

Daddy had been out of fellowship with the church for over 30 years. One Sunday he walked down the aisle and confessed his sins and was restored in full fellowship to the church. We need more people who are willing to do what my Daddy did.

Daddy stopped drinking, smoking and cursing when he was restored. He set a perfect example in just doing it. He gave his life to the Lord a year before Doug and I married in 1965, and never looked back. So don’t think it can’t be done. I know it can, because my Daddy did it. We need more people like my Daddy.

Daddy drove, and mother rode. She never learned to drive, and it didn’t really bother her. Daddy and mother were always early to the services of the church. They didn’t come in late. We need more people like my Daddy.

Daddy was honored to serve. The church at Elba ordained Daddy a Deacon. I can understand that. Daddy was a serving member of the church. On Sundays he looked around on the ground to see if there were any new fire ant beds, and come Monday he was there first thing treating them. He didn’t want the people to be stung by those little fellows. We need more people like my Daddy who see things that need to be done and do them without being asked.

Daddy was a carpenter. No doubt today in the Elba church building there are things that my Daddy built to help make the work of the church more efficient. He used his talents in the Lord’s work. We need more people like my Daddy in the church.

Daddy took part in the worship of the church. I remember hearing him pray for the first time. He waited on the Lord’s table. He led in prayer. He greeted visitors. We need more people like my Daddy in the church.

Daddy went with Harris Winston to help teach people the Bible in the privacy of their homes. He did the best he could to lead others to the Lord. We need more people like my Daddy in the church.

I like to think about my Daddy. We need more people like him in the church.

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