We need them all

The Lord Jesus Christ taught multitudes, discipled small groups, talked one-on-one. He also took time away from people to be with his Father.

His followers do likewise. They find time alone with their God. They shine their light in the midst of a dark world. They make it a priority to meet with their family in Christ.

It is instructive that the only set time for any of these is the coming together of the church on the first day of the week. Evangelism is a 24/7 activity. Edification can happen any time. Prayer occurs without ceasing. Meditation of the word is done day and night. But there is something special about congregating around the Lord’s table.

All these, in fact, are necessary. None can substitute for another. The Almighty cares for his own and provides every need for a godly life and for pleasing service to him. So we do not neglect his gifts of strength and his wells of love. We need all of them. And for them all we are grateful.

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