We say, ‘Come;’ God says, ‘Go!’

Our good brother Don Petty died last night. He and his wife Sylvia participated most recently in the Lewisville TX congregation. I’ve asked Jeff Jenkins to write up an obituary for BrotherhoodNews.com. Don worked in Iran when the Shah ruled.

• Jeremiah Tatum has a good reminder about “Where Visitors Go to Die,” in a new Bulletin Digest article. Have you ever been in a church that ignored you? Most of us have, unfortunately. And were more than ready to get out. Reckon the Lord thinks that way too?

• It’s a shame American churches (and others, of course) depend mostly upon their Sunday meetings for evangelism. They’re so ineffective. Not what the Lord intended, at all, to be church building- and preacher-centered. We say, “Come;” he says, “Go!”

• A quote, from the last issue of our Brazilian magazine, on Phil 4:13, which says, “for the one bringing forth in you both the desire and the effort – for the sake of his good pleasure – is God” (NET). The quote, my translation: “The Lord works in the inside and on the outside. He it is who makes things happen, even within us.”

• A translation item: In Portuguese the preposition for “in” and “on” is one and the same: em. The preposition is the most hairy part of language, to my mind. No rhyme or reason in their use. You just have to learn their contextual meanings. More so than other parts of language, it seems. A slavish literalism in translation has to go into denial when dealing with prepositions.

• How about a parting quote? From The Memoirs of Glückel of Hameln. “A penny honestly earned is hard to part with. But man must learn to control his greed. For ’tis a universal proverb, ‘Stinginess never enriches and measured generosity never makes one poor.’ To everything there is a time—a time to get money and a time to give.”

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