There was a plot against God’s prophet (preacher). It was known by the Lord before even those involved concocted it up. Jeremiah learned of it. This plot against God’s preacher would be implemented if he refused to stop preaching in the Lord’s name. They said to him, “Do not prophesy (preach) in the name of the Lord, lest you die by our hands.” Jeremiah was troubled. He appealed to the Lord, asking why it is that evil people prosper (Jeremiah 12:1-3). The Lord answered him that if the people on foot wearied him, how does he expect to run with the horses?

What kind of an answer is this! Let us reflect on it. If Jeremiah was tired in a foot race, what could he expect to be when the horses raced – for he was surely going to be tested as he ran alongside the horses? In other words, Jeremiah’s time as God’s prophet was only going to become more difficult. He needed to take inventory and anchor in only one place that could pull him through this treacherous environment. This may not have been easy, but it was the right course of action to take.

When we face dark days it is only natural that we would long for the daylight. Let our daylight be the Lord, for if the dark days do not pass away, we can be sure the Lord is our anchor and we will not be moved (1 Cor. 15:58)!

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