Weekend cookout

On weekends in Brazil people often have cookouts, with meat on skewers, from which they’ll whack off morsels and pass around. This goes on for hours, munching on sausages, chicken wings and hearts, various cuts of beef. Here are a few pieces of choice morsels for you to chew on this weekend.

  • Glenda mentioned a graphic to help on public prayer. It’s now attached to her post on that subject. Nicely done, Glenda! Tasty!
  • As I geared up this morning, I was looking forward to seeing Ron’s practical outline on Mark pop up. Then I remembered: today is Saturday, no reading or outline from our schedule this day.
  • The Recent Comments segment seems to be behaving well. I’ll probably move it up in the right column later today.
  • I’m pondering how to make a list of the Fellows so visitors can know who’s who, and provide their works or websites with some exposure. Probably by creating a new page. For that, I’ll need bios of the Fellows. But we’ll work on that next week. Some sort of break-off point to include the active ones and let the inactives langour in a vacuum. Reckon they’ll feel upbraided and start posting again?
  • I’ve included a description and sales job for our site on the FMag/Press advertising blog HERE. See what you think of it and how it can be improved. Since we’re unique among brotherhood e-offerings, sometimes we stammer for a good way to present TFR. Classified as a group blog, that’s a bald, insufficient phrase for such a dynamic and positive place we have going here.
  • Let’s see, we kicked off on Thanksgiving, 2009. That means we’re coming up on our second month. In that time, I’ve invited a number of people to participate, some of whom have accepted and dove right in, others didn’t get it in gear for some reason, still others declined for various motives. No hard feelings, we wish all our good brothers and sisters well in their efforts for the Kingdom of God.

Well, we have another that should be coming in soon. Troy Spradlin and his wife are moving to Paraguay in just a few days for a long-term missions commitment. I invited him to do a daily one-paragraph blurb of their movements and thoughts as they move and get settled in. He accepted.

I said one paragraph, because you can’t imagine how hectic life is in this stage. I’d rejoice to read more than one, but if Troy can do this, I hope it will give us a tiny bit of insight into the requirements and emotions behind such a commitment. I hope it will also produce many more prayers for their effort.

Troy and Andrea’s blog is HERE and he’s on Facebook, too, if you want to do a search on him and add him to your group of friends.

  • I had to ask the Wife what date was Thanksgiving of last year. She’s the dates and numbers person in our family. When I told her why, that I was figuring up when TFR’s second month anniversary was, she asked if I was pleased with its evolution (not her term; can I use that word here in a positive sense?). I said, very. Very pleased. God has give us grace here and used this young effort for good purpose, I think.

What do you think?

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