Weekend Nudge: Challenge to be like God

Since I’m teaching today on the Theology of the Pattern, that suggests a question: Tell us today on TFR which aspect of the divine example you find most challenging. See this list from Nave’s Topical Bible for areas in which both God and Jesus are to be our example, and choose your most daunting quality. (Scroll down just a tad.)

Please pray for me as I teach this afternoon, from 3:00-6:00 p.m. (Brasília time). Beside our local folk, people are coming from at least three different cities here in Sao Paulo and from a different state to attend. May the material be of great use to these fine saints.

One of the points is that God is the architect and builder of the universe, and he has not left us to build in his kingdom without plans. We are to be like him in this also. This reflects the principle of being like God and like Christ.

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