Weekend Nudge: one-volume commentary

It’s Saturday, and the preachers are finally getting around to sermonizing for Sunday. (Weylan: “Yeah, right!”) Bible school teachers will begin to think of their classes in the morning. (Laura: “You got it!”) So one of the resources available to Bible students is the one-volume commentary.

So here’s your nudge for the weekend (actually for Saturday and Sunday, the latter being the First Day of a new week): what one-volume commentary do you like best and use? It should cover at least the whole New Testament, if not the whole Bible.

One-volume commentaries are a favorite of mine. (For what reason, I can’t say, other than I like getting to the point, and pithiness.) So this is a subject dear to my heart.

It can be within the brotherhood or not, though within, you’ll be highly restricted as to choices.


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