Well, spiritually, the fruit of the Spir…

Well, spiritually, the fruit of the Spirit is a favorite, but I suspect our beloved brother Randal meant a plant or fruit grows on the earth. I would say then the lily because of Song of Solomon 2.1, 2,

I am the rose of Sharon,
And the lily of the valleys.
Like a lily among thorns,
So is my love among the daughters.
(Song 2.1, 2)

The Shulamite saw herself as just one of the common flowers of the valley, but then Solomon took the image she employed and did something wonderful with it, saying that she stood out like a lily among thorns. I tried to picture this in the latest issue of The Bible Meditator (TheBibleMeditator.com and go to the CurrentIssue page and after downloading, go to page 9), but unfortunately I could not find a picture of a lily among thorns, so I just used a picture that had a lily standing out among others.

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