Weylan, glad you chimed in today, or it …

Weylan, glad you chimed in today, or it would be a bare spot in TFR. I tweeted that Leila and I have a touch of sunburn from our trip earlier this week. You might get one too, perhaps, from the glare off the snow and ice …

I started a biweekly column for a cultural and educational site/organization here in SJC. Mostly I’m taking a blog essay and sending it over there, so it’s not much more work than I’m now doing. And maybe it will get my stuff out there in the wi(l)der world. See my blog tomorrow for details on that, if you’re interested. (Auto-post coming up around 3 a.m. my time.)

Still no Internet at the office. I just researched how to cancel it on the web. A shame you have to go through a learning curve just to cancel the thing.

The aquarium light just went off, a sign I’ve stayed up too late tonight. I was almost sleeping at my desk today, from all that sweating and effort, I suppose, to keep my ping-pong reputation intact while traveling. Though I never had much of one to start with.

Time to close the living room window, in case of rain during the night, and shut off the overhead fans. And tell the fish to keep quiet during the night so I can sleep. The dogs, hrumph, does no good to tell them. At least, the fish listen.

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