What Amazes Us

Randal asked, “What’s guaranteed to make you roll your eyes upward? And maybe groan as those eyeballs disappear into the inner recesses of the brain?”

Laura wrote: Generally, it’s when people do anything really stupid when they *should* have known better, and then whine about the results and consequences.

I would have to concur. People, who seem completely shocked that cause and effect are laws, baffle me. You see them and know what will happen, but they will not listen. Truth be told, they were supposed to grow out of this as tykes.

Simply put, willfully ignorant people are a curse on society.

I am also baffled at English speaking people who refuse to learn the language and instead interject profanity because their pool of words quickly runs dry. They infuriate me. These people need to READ SOMETHING!

Many places offer English as a second language. We need classes for lazy, clueless people, as well.

I spent ten years in retail and I worked in management. I come from a family with decades of experience in retail. When people at stores seem to have no idea what is going on, I struggle to remain composed. Simple common sense and logic escapes them. I concluded that you couldn’t work in retail and be an atheist because you cannot imagine that man is the smartest being in the universe. If you do not laugh at the ridiculous things people do in stores, you will go insane.