What an atheist did answer, then me (4)

QUESTION: Where did the universe come from?

ATHEIST: Presumably, from whatever existed before the ever increasing expansion of our universe commenced. There are of course theories based upon observable scientific facts, but the minds which so theorize are far beyond mine with regards to such. My best guess is that the elements which make up everything are eternal, and are merely transformed on a constant basis. That process then at some point leading to and developing into the universe. But that is only a guess, and a fairly uneducated one at that.

CHRISTIAN: One’s best guess is no answer at all. In fact, this is a perfect illustration of the futility of atheism. One builds his foundation on this? In a recent article, “There’s No Such Thing as a Naturalist,” Dr. Jeff Miller (Apologetics Press) illustrates the naturalist “have to” acceptance of supernaturalism to even begin a study of nature. In the fourth paragraph, Dr. Miller comments: “It is a mystery to the naturalist answering how the laws of nature exist since evidence indicates that they do not write themselves. So again, it would be unnatural (i.e., supernatural) for a law of science to write itself. But the naturalist must believe that very thing happened in order for the Universe to exist. He believes in the miraculous.”

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