What Can I Do?

My two chief talents are writing and thinking.  I spend a lot of time thinking and working through ideas and studying people and the ways of our culture. As a writer, I have committed myself to studying human nature and tendencies. When I preach and write, I try to discern how people will respond to what I am presenting. Accordingly, I desire to answer their rationalizations before they form them.

I am ostensibly the absent-minded professor type. I need a secretary following me around to help me remember things. This is why I need to write full-time. I am filled with ideas, quotes, etc. I need to study, learn and write. It could fill my days, weeks, months and years. My mind is always hungry and life’s activities intrude. It gets very frustrating at times. But, this is how life is, I guess.

I work on my novel in my head every day but I’ve not written a word all year. Life always gets in the way. Anyway…

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