What commandment do I struggle most to o…

What commandment do I struggle most to obey? Wow, what a loaded question. First, I must admit I have shortcomings and then I have to address which shortcomings are the most blatant and I must do this in a venue that J. Randal Matheny can see and edit. That’s the really humiliating part.

My weakness is in the scripture calling me to “love the Lord thy God” with all my heart, mind, soul and might. This includes the obedience to all the commands of God (John 14:15). If I love God the way I should, then I will obey his commands.

Lately, I’ve been instructed by the twin Psalms, Psalm 56 and 57 to make God the center of my life instead of my problems and trials. Eddie Cloer, the writer of the Truth for Today commentary on Psalms penned, “Walking with God with a living faith keeps our souls centered on our Deliverer and His deliverances instead of on our foes and our failures.” Boy, there’s a wake-up call. If I can learn that, then I’ll be closer to loving God the way I should.

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