What confusion! The Lord still speak in personal ways today?!

God appeared to Job in a whirlwind. What lesson ought we to take away from this? Certainly not the one the following writer suggests:

Although we may never personally encounter the Lord in a whirlwind, the Lord still speaks to His people in personal ways. It could be anything. It could be a thought that pops into our mind. It could be an inner voice that we hear. It could be a dream or a vision. It could be a given set of circumstances. It could be any of a hundred other ways as well. The Lord spoke to Balaam through a donkey, Daniel through an angel, and the church father Augustine through a child. The Lord seems to show no partiality when it comes to the selection of the creaturely for use as vehicles of personal revelation.

The writer has been assailed with a bad case of subjective signs of God, confusing moments like the false teacher Augustine’s child encounter with real miracles like Balaam’s donkey and Daniel’s angel. The mind’s own suggestions and fanciful sightings of God have taken place of the objective revelation of Deity. For this reason, among many others, Protestantism has never found the way, that Scripture might be our only guide, truth, and path.

This comes from an organization with whom some of our own brethren merged their Bible translation efforts. For shame!

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