What connotations does “authority” hold for me?

Submission! Being raised in an abusive environment I used to have a lot of authority issue problems. For one, I was rebellious. I believe it was after a congregational Bible study by a preacher that I began to wilt in my relationship with God. I was never going to make it, because I could never be good enough. That was a subconscious message in my head from never being good enough or being a failure from my parental father. It wasn’t until I was in my fifties that I learned what unconditional love was all about. Once I got the old messages out of my head, I could related to God as a loving heavenly Father. I now look at myself as a mere speck of sand and in awe that God cares, but he does. That is what authority is to me now. I am just a speck of sand in all of God’s creation, who am I to put myself on the same level or above God. People do it, but deny that is what they are doing. When ever you hear some one say or read “I” when discussing what the Bible teaches, they are putting themselves equal to or above God. There is no submission to authority, but to their own. To me they are arrogant and self serving, putting themselves in hell.

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