What constitutes a church meeting?

While congregations across the world have cancelled their meetings because of the coronavirus, some still insist on gathering the saints together. Yesterday, we in Urbanova gathered a small number together, while experimenting for the first time with a live broadcast.

This week we’ll talk among ourselves about what to do going forward, since the governor has banned all types of meetings starting tomorrow, 24 Mar. One idea is to divide up into even smaller groups, so as not to call attention, since there are threats of fines.

Some are eating the Lord’s supper at home while watching videos. Somehow, that doesn’t seem to fit the commandment to meet together. (You are familiar with that command, are you not? One clear passage is Hebrews 10.23-31.) Digital viewing isn’t the same as mutual edification. Of course, many congregations are in the audience mentality already, so it’s easy to switch to home viewing of the service instead of pew-viewing.

Have we lost the sense of obedience to God’s commands? What if the governor required us not to eat the Lord’s supper? Would we stop? What if he banned singing? What would we refrain? What if he threatened us with jail time if we insisted on continuing to read from the Bible? Would we give it up? So why do we stop meeting together when he bans gatherings? Is physical health a greater good than spiritual salvation? Is that it?

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