What development in the church is encouraging?

I am encouraged by the increases in faithfulness I’m seeing locally. There are people attending Bible study now who were formerly just attending worship. There is more participation in the worship from the attendance we’ve had in our weekly training class. More men are responding to lead prayer and to read scripture. Last Sunday, we talked about the Lord’s Supper and when I decided to let the students off a little more easily, one of them suggested we have more time to practice heading the table. That was very encouraging.

I’m not seeing the numbers I’d like to see, but that comes with time and God’s decision to “give the increase.” But what we are seeing is encouraging. It isn’t like it was for me in the past. Used to be, when I started working with a church, there would always be some kind of discouragement come at least 3-5 months. This time, however, nothing that bad has happened. Cooperation is strong and everyone seems to be drawing closer to God. It continues as a positive experience.

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