What God has done for us all

Steve Preston has a good reminder for us today in his email devotional, “What God Has Done for You.” I recommend it as a kickstarter today in your prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord. It’s located here, I hope you’re able to open it. If not, start from here and you’ll be able to get to it, going to today’s date in the calendar.

Steve starts out like this:

Have you ever wondered what God has done for you? This question is one that every person on earth should ask themselves. It is a question that will help to convince the non-Christian to obey the gospel. It is a question that should serve as great encouragement to those who have been a part of the church for many years as well as those new to the faith. When we as Christians become discouraged with life in this world, it should encourage us to meditate on and know just exactly what God has done for all of us.

Steve goes on to mention three wonderful things God has done for us. Worthy of much meditation during our day today.

Steve sends out twice-weekly devotionals by email, by the way, and has good things to say. If you’re interested, you can sign up at the link above.

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