What has encouraged my faith?

My faith is encouraged by my brethren and their influence.

Wendell Winkler wrote a tremendous study book entitled, “The Christian and His Influence,” which I think is one of the best books on the subject anywhere. In the book, Winkler pointed out that everyone has influence; influence is either good or bad; and influence outlives us and exists beyond the grave (Revelation 14:13). He taught much more in the little book, but those things are very prominent to me.

There have been many good brethren in my life who have encouraged me to build up my faith by the study of God’s word (Romans 10:17). They have encouraged me through their own example and by the teaching of the Bible. Many good brethren have been a positive influence and also corrected me when I fell.

There have been some brethren who have been an example of Christian love and there have been brethren who have bult me up into a useful tool for the Master. Those brethren have my thanks. My prayer is that I may be counted worthy to let them know of my appreciation in eternity.

Some of those who have been a positive influence in my work will only know how much they’ve accomplished when this old world is over and the fruits of their work are fully realized. Won’t it be wonderful when we can sit around the throne of God and praise him for his wisdom, and for those who have encouraged us to walk by faith!

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