What I do know

Yesterday, I immersed myself in the study of Philippians 2:1-4 for our Sunday Bible study in Taubaté. So many amazing things to discover! And what a blessing is the Internet, which brings so many resources within our grasp! I’ll never look at this letter the same again. Here’s a little outline for that pericope from David Alan Black:

  1. The bases of Christian unity (v 1)
  2. The results of Christian unity (v 2)
  3. The expressions of Christ unity (vv 3-4)

• Here’s another item to chew on: Two scholars suggest a structure for the letter and say the pericope perhaps least appreciated in Philippians is actually its center and main section: 2:17–3:1a. If they are correct, it wouldn’t be the first time that what we thought was of least importance turned out to be the Main Point.

• Did I mention the Christian Poets group is rising from the dead? Join in, if you’d like to contribute, and I’ll add you. Sorry if I repeat myself. Take it as an extra reminder. The world needs thoughtful works to prod the mind toward wholesomeness and toward God. Two new items today are already posted at the link above.

• Matthew 18 is that fourth discourse of Christ’s on life in the Christian community. Jesus speaks often of the little ones. Note that in Matthew 10 part of that group are evangelists and missionaries. It would appear that indeed they often don’t, in Rodney Daingerfield style, get much respect in established churches. I’m thankful to see many exceptions, and to be the recipient of those who honor little ones.

• Is the Occupy movement the last gasp of dying Socialism and Communism, or the beginning of the end as America slides into permanent decline? I know little about politics, less about economics, and absolutely nothing about the future. I do pray the Lord will bless my countrymen and family in the US, but I don’t know how that prayer will best be answered. I do know that God cares for his own.

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